Artists Maria Nordbäck (FI) and Brynhild Bye-Tiller (NO).
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Bridging Zip-code65 was a cooperation between the artists Brynhild Bye-Tiller and Maria Nordbäck. Together they invited immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees in Vaasa to participate in an intensive and intimate photo workshop, which led to two art pieces; a dual photographic exhibition in the Mikola gallery put up by the participants and the artists, and a public display of photography inside a wooden house structure, also built by the participants at the Spring Fair in Vaasa Square.

Bridging Zip-code65  included two lectures and a one-week extended photo workshop with a number of activities: street photography during the spring festival Vappu and Labor Day, nature photography in Öjens Nature Trail in Sundom, environmental portraits during several home visits in the Vaasa region, editing sessions, producing and setting up two exhibitions, building a house and extensive use of social media.

The participants were Marina Hokkonen (Russia), Anna Pettersson (Belarus), Ali Aljboory (Iraq), Khem Raj Pokharel (Nepal), Zuhair Qasm (Iraq), Ahmed Hakeem (Iraq), Othman Ibrahim (Iraq) and Mohammed Ameen (Iraq).Local partners were MIRA Centre, Welcome Office Vaasa, Vaasa Reception Centre.

The art project Bridging Zip-code65 was part of RECEPTION the 1st triennial of the Community arts in Finland. The 1st Triennial of Coummunity Arts, can be found here:


Bye-Tiller was residence at Platform and Nordbäck is a member of Platform and a resident in Vasa.