Artists Maria Nordbäck (FI) and Mia Damberg (FI)

Maria&Mia was exhibited at Gallery Sinne i Helsinki 2007.

It consisted of two video projections, photos and an installation. The works portray womens guilt and the power of comfort.

Movement to perform festival Platform Vaasa (FI) 2005
Maria Nordbäck&Mia Damberg

I CAN - I CAN NOT Learning by doing, Platform in Verkligheten
Maria Nordbäck&Mia Damberg, Verkligheten, Umeå (SE) 2003

I Can – I Can not  is a video about the tradition of crochet. The starting point was that Mia had skills in crocheting and Maria had a new videocamera. The video depicts five people showing their crocheting skills and remembering where they had learned it.  The people who visited the exhibition could also try crocheting.