during my studies at Turku University of Applied Sciences

The role of the artist in learning communities was a two-year specialization into the field of community art. The training was part of the SOCRATES and  Grundtvig 2 Learning Partnerships. During this time, we had the opportunity to practice our skills in different art projects in Finland, Luxembourg and Irland. As our final task, the group arranged  an exhibition at the fictive Artemployment office in Turku.

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, Turku (FIN) by Maria Nordbäck, Suvi Aarnio, Pia Bartsch, Marjukka Nissi and Kirsti Uuttu


A fictitious artemployment office for unemployed artists. The exhibition consisted of invented artist advertisements. Visitors could then take part in, and search for, suitable artists and their individual work. My Profession is Artist is a video were I interview five artists. They answer questions about their profession, as well as social security and how it meets the needs of artists in Finland.

by Maria Nordbäck & Kirsti Uuttu at the Irish Wheelchair Association, Dublin (IR)

We spent two week in Dublin working with people with limited mobility. Take me to the sea was a project where the participants took part in different ways. We arranged talks, made an imaginary film enacted by the participants, painted stones, and wrote messages as well as memories about sea. In the end, we visited one of the nearby beaches, where we sent bottled messages into the sea, and hid the painted stones at the beach, to be found.

After the completion of the project, I made a documentary film about the process.

ARSÖ art in arcipelago (2006)
Paradise  by Maria Nordbäck & Suvi Aarnio (FI)

We spent one week in the archipelago of Turku interviewing residents of Velkua about their favourite locations in the area. We got to know romantic places, the best fishing spots, the most beautiful beaches, and the island where police is always  hovering to check the driving ability of boatmen.


The mapping of Velkua was shown at the tourist information in the municipality of Velkua.


A clay-animation by

Maria Nordbäck together with Aice and Annukka at Cooperations asbl in Wiltz (LU)

In Wiltz we worked with mentally disable artists. Me and Annukka from Finland started to work on an animation together with Alice. Alice had written a story about a girl; the girl was alone, with no friends or parents, and she was homeless, living in an orphanage. In the story she finds a friend who happens to be rich and lives in a villa with a swimmingpool. She falls in love with the boy, gets engaged, and in the end becomes pregnant and moves in with her new family. A lovely story.

Alice made the clayfigures, and the scenography was created by another artist from the cooperation centre. Alice was the director, moved the figures and made the speech bubbles. We just made it possible for her to complete the idea by helping with the photography and turning the story into a animation.