A multicultural art-project

The exhibition took place at Taidekäytävä Teema at the Library of Vaasa 28.04.-29.05.2015.


The aim of the project is to create an exhibition that was growing and changing into an unfolding picture of how multicultural we are becoming in Vaasa. At the exhibition the participants share their inner feelings about what is really valuable for each one of us, and thus we hope to bridge the differences that easily arise in a multicultural society.

Here is what we asked people to do
1) Think about an object you own, it could also be an idea, sound, memory that has a special meaning for you.
2) Send a picture of yourself with the object and the object itself if possible for display. You could also draw or represent it in any other way you may think of.
3) Write a few lines about why this object is so special, in English, Swedish or Finnish.
4) Please lend us a picture frame you have (any size, shape and design). We will print out your photo and text and put it into your frame.


The project is a cooperation between the Library of  Vaasa, artist Maria Nordbäck and art therapist Chris Peart and of course everybody who was participaiting.