at Minnesstödsföreningen "Förgätmigej" rf. in Vaasa

The workshop Take me to the sea was a community-art project with elderly people who suffer from dementia.

I visited the day-care center Förgätmigej (forget-me-not) in Vaasa for several weeks, and we made a clay-animation about a choir spending time by the sea. In the animationfilm, the choir rehearses a song called Vem kan segla för utan vind. The starting point for the piece was the participants' interest in singing, and many of them had previously sang in a choir.

During the process, we discussed our own travels and the sea extensively. All those who could made their own clayfigures and moved them forward step by step. The participants followed the process. After the completion of the film, we had a movieday with coffee, champagne and cake.

The film has been shown in different places as an example of Culture in healthcare.